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Gasifier Based Crematorium

ASSOCIATED ENGINEERING WORKS is reckoned as the prime Manufacture, Exporter, and Supplier of Gasifier Based Crematorium. The Gasifier Based Crematorium consists of Cremation bed fixed on a moving trolley. The Burner is fitted to one end of a fixed dome with refractory lining inside. The body will be kept on the trolley bed and rituals if any can be completed before pushing the trolley with the dead body into the fixed dome. The dome contains a pair of entry doors and after pushing the trolley inside, the doors will be closed.

A Wood Gasifier is used for generation of gas and supplied to the special burner. The length of the flame from the Burner will be around 6â long and the flame engulfs the full length of body. A temperature of around 900° C is attained inside the chamber. This high temperature flame will dissolve the body very fast. It is economical in running at the same time being environmental friendly.

  • Wood is the source of energy for this. It fulfills the sentiments attached in this regard and at the same using modern technology
  • The system runs on 1 HP Blower thereby requiring minimum electric power. In contrast Electrical Cremations needs huge power of the order of 100 KW
  • Economical in operation (around 50% cheaper compared to open wood burning)
  • Operation is completed very fast (operation completed in 80-90 Minutes compared to 3-4 hours time requirement by open wood burning)
  • Simple and robust design for easy operation and maintenance (Unskilled persons can operate the system)
  • Clean and neat surroundings. This is fully in contrast to the present systems where one wants to avoid even looking at the place
  • Environment friendly


Model Cremation Facility
Time taken for Cremation 90 Minutes ( approx.)
Wood Consumption 100 - 125 Kg/Hour
Power required for Blower 1 HP
Rated output of Gasifier 2,50,000 K.Cal/Hour
Wood chips size accepted 15 to 75 mm ( any size)
Acceptable Moisture content of wood chips Below 15%
Hopper Holding capacity of Gasifier 500 Kgs ( approx.)
Loading of Chips Intermittent /Manual
Approximate Floor space required 15' x 60'
Note : In our endeavor for continuous improvement all specifications are subject to change without notice.

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